SEATTLE- Our disaster relief mission was a success! In the past year since the typhoon hit the Philippines, Child United volunteers traveled to disaster areas four times to distribute aid and provide relief to the local community. Our goal was to help as much as possible and through the contributions from our donors, we were able to personally handout 10,000 relief bags in 10 areas throughout the Philippines.

Since Typhoon Haiyan hit in Nov. 2013, Child United accomplished the following: 1) Sent a 40 foot container with 750 balikbayan boxes filled with clothing, food and medical supplies from the United States. 2) 550 families were provide with emergency roofing material 3) Brought aid to towns and cities on four Philippine islands 4) Over 3 months of nutritional food was purchased and donated to a children’s feeding program 5) 5,000 lbs of rice was purchased and given locally