There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” -Nelson Mandela



Picture: Founder Christine Umayam in Feb. 2014 during a disaster relief trip on Bantayan Island, Philippines.

It’s rare to find those instances in life when something shakes you to the core. Everything that once mattered, doesn’t seem as important as it was before. It happened to our founder, Christine Umayam, as she traveled on a family vacation to the Philippines in January 2006

It was supposed to be just that… a vacation but it turned into something more.

You see, Christine couldn’t go back to her normal life in America. She couldn’t forget those images of children she saw on the streets. Christine continued to ask herself why extreme poverty existed in the world, why we allow it. So a year later, she went back to the Philippines to figure out why she couldn’t get those images of children out of her mind.

It was a nagging feeling inside of her that told her she needed to do something more. Within two months of coming back from her trip, she quit her lucrative job in the corporate world and the next day started Child United.

Christine’s mission now is to help children in the developing world receive an education with the belief that it can lead a family, a community… out of poverty.

Child United was started in May 2007. In the years that followed, the organization has grown into a dedicated team of directors whose goal is to provide opportunities for all children living in extreme poverty.

In October 2009, Child United expanded its efforts to include helping children and their families affected by natural disasters. The organization has since provided relief aid to disaster victims in the Philippines, Japan and Haiti.

Child United has helped thousands of families so far, supplied dozens of schools with books and educational supplies, provided sponsorships for students every month, and helped build a learning center. Christine was recognized in 2011 by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society for her work overseas.

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