“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” -Ronald Reagan







Picture: Child United donates computers/laptops to children in the Dominican Republic, 2012.

Since its inception in 2007, Child United has helped thousands in poverty and disasters.  Most importantly, we continue to provide children with hope for a better future.

EDUCATION: Through our education initiatives, Child United empowers children and helps schools in rural areas. The organization has provided school books, educational materials and computers to schools in need. School supplies were personally handed to hundreds of kids.

We have several educational programs to meet the need of children.

  • Sponsor children through high school: This is a sensitive age for many children in poverty. Many parents are forced to take their children from school because oftentimes they can’t afford secondary education.
  • Distribute educational materials, school supplies and technology: Rural areas are the most poverty stricken.  They lack the resources and teaching materials needed for a child.  Through the distribution of school items, we help pave the way for learning and growth.
  • Build learning centers: In many areas throughout the world, there is a lack of educational centers for children to learn.  By building centers in these areas, we hope to promote education for children with little to no resources.


At their most deepest need during times of crisis, Child United provides help to survivors. The organization provides relief supplies to those affected by natural disasters.

Child United has partnered with NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) to coordinate relief efforts overseas. Child United has already helped thousands in devastated areas in the Philippines and has provided donations toward relief efforts in Japan and Haiti.

Where We’ve Worked

Child United has been providing disaster aid and educational assistance to children in 7 countries since 2007. From India to the Philippines, the organization promotes the importance of education to the most vulnerable children by speaking to the community and providing books, school supplies, relief bags and food.

Countries: Philippines, India, Laos, Uganda, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Japan

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